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Ancient Wild Palm Nectar from a Real Place: Kandy Mountain, Sri Lanka.

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I believe in 100% natural and as close to nature as possible when putting a recipe together. That's why I fell in love with Kandy Mountain! It comes from such a nutritious and wholesome tradition!
“We crafted an exquisite Belgium quad with a taste and flavor that are amazing! It’s like caramel with meadowfoam honey overtones... Marshmallow aroma, cream vanilla combined with a Werther’s candy caramel finish. We love it!”
“Kandy Mountain Wild Palm Nectar has a smoky flavor that adds a pleasant and tasty dimension to my baked goods.  I absolutely love it in my home-baked granola!”

organic. low glycemic. fair trade.vegan. sustainably harvested.

Wild Palm Nectar Outrageously Low Glycemic

Hear what craft beer expert Michel Brown at FH Steinbart Brew Supply Company in Portland, OR has to say about our Wild Palm Nectar!

2,000 years of respectful tradition steeped in heritage.

Deep in the Sri Lankan highlands, the geographical wonder of Kandy Mountain rises above the ancient city of Kandy–its lush forests home to a centuries old traditional culture of tree tappers. The Sri Lankan people of this area have sustainably tapped the sap of the Fishtail palm–scientifically known as Caryota Urens–for close to 2,000 years. The sap is wild harvested in garden forests that are designed with biodiversity in mind, ensuring the survival of the natural environment.

The Sri Lankan farmers use traditional methods to process the sap by hand, cooking down the nectar until it thickens, producing a thick syrup that has an earthy smokiness with caramel overtones.

Kandy Mountain Unravels An Age-Old Mystery

Our bodies are hardwired to respond to wholesome food–that hasn’t changed in all these centuries. Imagine being able to tap into that same source of body wisdom that our ancestors did when they were connected to the earth in ways we can only imagine today!

A Sweet Vision of the Future

Founded in 2014 by world traveler Adam Hoke, Kandy Mountain LLC–based in Eugene, Oregon–is the only U.S. based importer of Organic, Fair Trade, Wild Palm Syrup: a unique, low glycemic sweetener to rival all other sweeteners! We bring a deep rooted tradition to the United States, while promoting cultural and ecological preservation.

Sales of Kandy Mountain Wild Palm Syrup support these local wild crafting communities and help preserve native Sri Lankan forests.

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The Kandy Mountain Crew

Kandy Mountain Wild Palm Nectar Cares About Sri Lanka

Not Just Sweetening The World, But Rebuilding Forests And Building Communities With Every Sale

Kandy Mountain Company is a crew of friends with a range of approaches to what, why, and where to source wholesome nutrition. Tying these diverse perspectives together is a shared respect for the environment. That connection is a huge part of why Kandy Mountain was founded, and continues to be a driving force at the brand.

Since day one, we’ve worked closely with groups that protect and restore forests, and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. This is our From Earth to Plate program. The effort has been centered on the forest garden highlands of Sri Lanka. We see this as the best way to give back to the planet and culture that gave us sustenance in the first place.

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